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Default More Places To Find Coupons

Studies show the higher the income the more likely people are to use coupons....maybe because they can afford to buy the paper and also have the ink to print off coupons from the internet?

*Buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper!! New subscribers can get a 44% savings on the Tulsa World by calling 918 496-7893 or email NOTE:The Sunday Oklahoman has some different coupons usually than the Tulsa World. You might try ordering it, but they may not deliver in your area:
* Family, friends, neighbors, Church and co-workers sharing are great sources for obtaining multiple coupon inserts.
* Manufacturer's website- google for them
* Coupon related websites (again google)
* In-store savings and additional coupons at most grocery stores.
* In store coupon Google for (name of store) before you go
* Blinkies - coupons available in red machines set up in some store aisles. (Most of these cannot be doubled but "Blinkies" are good trading coupons.)
* Courtesy cards that some grocery chains offer provide additional savings at their stores and these discounts can be combined with coupons for maximum savings.
* Coffee shops, McDonalds, Hotels, restaurants newspapers
* Your local library may save the coupons from Sunday papers they subscribe to and make them available to the public.
* Catalinas print out at the store register. (Walgreens calls them Register Rewards or RR's)
* Magazines such as All You magazine at Wal-Mart, by the check-out registers, has high value coupons! All You 24 issues for $20
* Coupon Clippers
* Peelies are usually on the product you are buying
* Weekly grocery ad may have a store coupon.
* Baby coupons (google to find all kinds of baby coupons, rebates...and freebies)
* Tear pad-in front of the product on the shelf
* "Try me free" rebate
* e-bay to buy-because they may come from another state the discount on the coupon might be better than what you get in your paper!
* Trade with other people outside of your area (different areas get different coupons.)
* Start a Coupon Train

Scan these for coupons:
local coupons

Understanding the Lingo- such as ISO.

How to get Red Plum coupons in your neighborhood
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