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Default Cvs Tips


CVS Accepts:
Manufacturer Coupons
Internet Coupons
Store Coupons
competitor coupons for transferred/new prescriptions
store card

Using ECBs and CRTs, used along with manufacturers coupons to get many free or nearly free products!

Extra Care Bucks (ECB) - like cash and are printed onto your receipt when you purchase qualifying products. Check your weekly ad to find out what products qualify. For example, one might read Purchase $20 in Pepsi products and youll receive $5 in Extra Care Bucks.

ECBs: Extra Care Bucks, you earn these when you complete a promotion-make sure you save these receipts and do not throw them away; they are coupons you have earned.

EBs don't expire as fast as Walgreens Rapid Rewards!

You do not have to purchase the total required amount in one transaction. Your CVS card keeps track, allowing you to purchase the required products at any store during the promotion period.

Check the weekly ad for highlighted offers which already make the item free after ECBs.

Make sure you spend as little as possible while still earning a profit from the ECBs, by using your coupons to keep the cost down It is calculated by the actual price of the product.

make money from using ECBs- by stacking your manufacturers coupons plus store coupons and also using money off coupons such as $5 off $15 that CVS occasionally distributes.

For example,
Planters Peanuts is $2 (plus buy 2 and youll get $2 in ECBs)

(2) Planter Peanuts $2/4
-$1/1 manufacturers coupon
-$1/1 manufacturers coupon
-$1/2 CVS store coupon
=$1 for 2 Planters peanuts out of pocket

Plus, you earned $2 in ECBs-you just made $1 from the store! Note that ECBs expire 4 weeks from the day they are printed.

use EBs to get your total down even after you have applied coupons to each of your items.

Create rolling ECBs. The amount required to earn an ECB is BEFORE coupons. You can easily reduce your out of pocket expense by using coupons, then return to the store to earn more ECBs. This means use the ECBs from your last purchase to minimize your out of pocket expense on your next purchase and be sure you are purchasing items that will generate more ECBs.

For example,
Purchase 3 Cover Girl Items ($3.99 each) and get $10 in ECBs
(3) Cover Girl Items $11.97 total
-(3) $2/1 Manufacturers Coupons
=(3) Cover Girl Items for only $5.97
And, you earned $10 in ECBs

Next transaction,
Purchase (3) Cover Girl Items for $11.97 total
-(3) $2/1 coupons
-$10 ECBs

(Youll have to add $4 in items as fillers to make the most of your $10 ECB)
=FREE AND, you generated another $10 ECB

If the offer is unlimited, then you can do this as often as you like during the promotional period earning more ECBs and earning more free products. If it is unlimited and you do several of these promotions in one transaction, you will earn one large ECB but youll be out more out of pocket since you wont be rolling your ECBs.

CARDS- Sign up other family members for CVS loyalty cards to help you get the great deals because some ECB promotions have a limit of only one per week or month and they will track this by your card.
You and your spouse could each have your own which helps when there is a limit on a deal. (It also helps when he is on that side of town, and you can send him after something instead of burning up extra gasoline.)

once you get your card, you can scan it each time you go to the store.

BLINKY- There is a red blinky light machine near the front of the store next to the main aisle. Each time you scan your card, it prints out coupons. After so many scans, you should get a $5 off $15 (or $20). It's fun to see what it spits out each time.


1.) Give the cashier your CVS dollar off coupons first when you check out at the register because if you have a $5/$50 coupon and you get your total down to only $10 after all your other coupons, then the $5 off $50 will not work.
2.) Next, give the cashier your store coupons,
3.) then your manufacturers coupons.

Cash Register Tape (CRT) are CVS store coupons, Randomly generated coupons located on the bottom of your receipt generated by your purchase somewhat randomly and can be used only by you, the CVS cardholder. Your purchases trigger these coupons to print. These are typically dollar off coupons such as $10/$50.
Some CVS stores have machines that will allow you to scan your card yourself for your CRTs!

Rain Checks: ask for a rain check if your item is out of stock and even if it is for an item that generates ECBs!


CVS -a little different but very easy.

If there is a limit of 2 lotions you can buy them both at the same time and you will get both rewards at the end of your receipt. Or if you want you can buy 1 lotion use your extra buck to buy the other lotion and you still get your extra buck.

You do NOT have to have "fillers" at CVS, like you do at Walgreens. I have bought 1 item and used 3 different extra bucks.

Any overage
goes towards the other items you are purchasing.

If your total is 10.00 and you have a $15.00 extra buck and you use it, they are not going to refund you the difference.

Lose your reward? call CS and they can help you and replace it. If an Extra buck doesn't print call it in and they will add it to your card and it will print off the next time you buy something. They don't expire. Sometimes you get spend 20 get 4 off your purchase my store told me don't throw them away I can use them up to a month after they expire.

You can ask for rain checks even if the product has an extra buck were it is free.

Every quarter you get a small percentage back.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
-Purchase a "green bag" at CVS, use it for your purchases, and you will get $1 back at every 4th visit to the CVS store! See details: ... en-at-cvs/ (Buy the leaf tag, bring in your shopping bag with it attached and you will get .25 credit when it adds up to 1.00 you get the extra buck. )

-CVS tends to have very low stock of EVERYthing. --Get those rainchecks!

-Check the clearance in the far left corner of the store. Recently they had giant bottles of Herbal Essence very cheap.

Once in a while they will surprise you with free items that are printed on your receipt or extra coupons.

just to verify...if I buy 2 of the same I will get 2 $2 eb or 1 $4? oh, and can you use your eb to buy the item again and get more eb?
You will get $4, so if you want 2 of $2 you should do separate transactions. You can use EB to buy the same item and get more EB... just a number of items with EB is limited.


A manufacturers coupon that does not say it is to be used only at a specific store and has instructions as to where to send it in can be used at CVS.

A coupon that shows "use only at" or "only redeemable at (store name)" means that CVS cannot be reimbursed for taking a manufacturers coupon with another store's logo on it. CVS, like other retailers, sends coupons to a clearing house, and the ones for other retailers get sent back to the retailers without reimbursement.
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