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Polly Wood shutters are the only ones that qualified for the tax rebate because the R value is higher than real wood. Polly wood is a composite and will not warp or fade. I got lots of bids and looked at lots of products. I went with polly wood because I have a west facing window that gets super hot in the summer and didn't want them to warp and because I will get 30% back with the tax credit. Polly wood can be washed. You can swing the ones above your kitchen sink out over the sink and spray them off. If your kids ding them they won't show chips because they are white composite all the way through. Tax credit did not renew or continue into 2011 last time I checked.

Sun Mountain shutters in SLC manufactures polly wood. You can call them or go through Lowe's or Budget Blinds in Hooper. I found them through Budget Blinds but wished I would have tried direct from the manufacture after it was over.
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