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Originally Posted by beandip
I just got that same calling~ Someone upstairs must be wanting us to get prepared! We organized our ward into zones, 12 for our ward. Each zone has a zone leader. Our zone is just up and down the street. In an emergency we contact each zone leader and they are responsible for checking with each family in their zone, member or not, and then reporting the needs back up the chain. Make sure when you organize your zone that you do so by streets, so that when the ward boundaries change most of your zones will stay in tack. I've lived in Perry 8 years and am in my fourth ward change! Crazy!
My son is doing this for an Eagle Project! In addition he made a flier with a list of things that may be needed in a disaster situation (eg: generators, tents, portable toilets Etc.) and the families in our neighborhood (we did this as a neighborhood, not just a ward) marked what they have. He also asked for their email and if they would be interested in monthly info about preparedness, food storage. He is compiling a data base with all the info. Then if there is a need, the Bishop (who is holding the data base) will be able to tell the Zone leader who has something that might help. It has been a lot of work for him but it has turned out great!
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