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Old 01-04-2013, 05:30 PM
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Question Smiths Digitals

I am not new to couponing, BUT I can not find a post about this anywhere else (not to say there isn't one, just that I can not find it!)

I always load the Smith's coupons on my card and then kind of forget about them. I know I have one when I see my receipt OR when one of my paper coupons is rejected because I already had a digital one. I have kind of been a slacker with my coupons and even stopped getting the paper for a bit. BUT, the last month I have been back at it (it really is STUPID to not get the best deal!) I print off the lists of digital coupons that i have when making my shopping list and make sure I am not duplicating with paper coupons. EVERY single time I go, there are a few coupons that do not come off on my receipt. It has frustrated me, but I have just let it go. NO MORE!

Today I brought the list with me and then sat in my car and went through the receipt to see which coupons did and did not work. I circled them and then took my list inside and talked to customer service. They even brought an assistant manager over to look. $7 worth of coupons did not come off. Both the customer service rep and assistant manager said I needed to contact customer service through the website, BUT I made them look at my receipt first and verify that I bought what I needed to buy. They both could see nothing wrong with my purchases.

One of the coupons was for $3 off a purchase of $50. I spent $190!!

Another was for $2 off 8 progresso soups. I bought 12 since that was how many I had to buy to get the case lost price. I did have another paper coupon for $1 or 50 cents off 4. BUT 8+4=12 so I should have been good.

I had a coupon for $1 off Herbal Essence and I also loaded another $1 of Herbal Essence. I bought 2.

Lastly, there is a coupon for $1.29 off a 3 Musketeers bar. If you click on the special information for that coupon, it tells you that you get a free bar. I actually bought 2 since my son wanted one and so did I. That coupon also did not work.

OK---enough info in that LONG vent. Anyone had problems like this? Any solutions? What am I missing since this ALWAYS happens with the digital coupons from Smiths?
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Old 01-04-2013, 07:06 PM
Candi Candi is offline
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Have the same thing happen to me.

Went yesterday, and the $3 off $50 purchase ecoupon didn't come off.

I feel like about 50% of the time the e-coupons don't come off my receipt, even when I know they are there and active.

The one time I did contact customer service on the website they were great and loaded a special coupon for me for my next purchase. But that was about 3 years ago, back when the ecoupons were brand new. I'm considering reporting the $3 off coupon from yesterday. But for me it's just not worth it to have to email them every other week when yet another coupon doesn't apply correctly, so I've all but stopped loading them onto my card.

Then there is the mess that the cashier made of my other coupons yesterday. I had 4 Tide coupons - the register beeped after the first one and she said it was because I had an ecoupon. I said, okay, hand me one of them back and then do the other two so there is a total of 4 coupons for 4 bottles. But she kept scanning the same one and telling me it wouldn't take anymore. I told her there was only 1 ecoupon for Tide, and that is how Kroger/Smith's sets it up on their website (they don't apply to multiple items, just one time use thing), but she kept telling me there were multiple ones for Tide. So she wouldn't take the Tide coupons. Got to my car, looked over the receipt, sure enough - only 1 Tide ecoupon. So she rejected $4.50 in legitimate coupons because she couldn't figure out how they worked. Come to find out it was beeping about a DIFFERENT coupon that also had an e-coupon, and was telling her to give the OTHER coupon back to me, not the Tide coupons...ARGH!!!!
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Old 02-15-2013, 05:31 PM
MissMichal MissMichal is offline
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To stay organized, I've started treating the e-coupons like the printable coupons, in that I only load/print the ones I plan to use. I have the Kroger app on my phone, which makes it easy to look for and load coupons in the store, which is also useful. I also don't hand my FV card to the cashier until she's through ringing up items, and that way all the coupons appear together and it's easy to see them all at the checkstand and make sure they all came off. I've never had a problem with their failing to come off, but I'm glad it's just a matter of an e-mail.
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Old 02-15-2013, 07:57 PM
ctrcar ctrcar is offline
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Ooh, thanks for the tip on the Kroger app. I'll have to check that out. Does it work well without good data reception? I can barely get cell service in my Smiths.

I've wondered about those times when you have a paper coupon and an e-coupon for the same item. There have been times that my paper coupon is better and I would rather use it, but it gets rejected because the e-coupon was automatically used. If I had the checker scan my card AFTER paper coupons, that would fix the problem, right?

I can never remember what e-coupons I've "clipped" so I will print my coupon list every couple of weeks. I do it on about 50% so it is small and I can send the paper through the printer a couple of times so the list prints out in columns. Then I can circle or check things off as needed.
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