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Old 11-15-2008, 01:29 PM
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Default LINGO - abbreviated language used on PYP

Master LINGO list check for changes


AC - ?
Admin - Administrators/Owners of PYP - Thad, Karin, Shelley
Albies - Albertson's
AY - All You magazine coupons (buy it at Walmart)
Blinkies – instore smartsource coupon dispensed near product, usually from red blinking box
BOGO or B1G1 - Buy one get one free
BRB - be right back - used in the PYP Chat room
BRU - Babies-R-Us coupon
BTFE = Box Tops for Education certificate on packages
Bump - moving an older thread to the top of the Forum list.
CGS - Carnation Good Start formula coupon
Catalina - coupon dispensed at register after purchase, usually has a red border
Cherry - Cherry pickers - Cherry picking - only buying the lowest priced deals
CKS - checks
C/O - cents off coupon
Codes - Refunds that require only a UPC# written on a CRT
Coufund - for coupons that need some proof of purchase such as UPC's attached
CPN - coupon
Cpns- manufacturer's coupons
CRT - Cash register tape
DCRT- Dated cash register tape
DCRTC - Dated cash register tape with the price circled
DND - Do Not Double (the coupon is not supposed to be doubled)
Double coupon- coupon that a grocery store doubles in value
DR - Dave Ramsey - a financial person you read about in the FSG forum.
ESR - Easy Saver Rebate from Walgreen's
ETA: = Edited To Add, adding more to a post you've made
EPOP - each pays own postage
FL - Food Lion (or Florida)
Forum - where threads are organized by topic groups
Free Item Coupon - A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free
FS - for sale
FSG forum - Financial Support Group forum on PYP
FSI - Free Standing inserts. These are the actual term to the coupons you get in your Sunday newspaper. Also referred to as SS coupons or insert coupons.
FSOT - for sale or trade
FT - for trade
G/C - gift card or gift certificate
(H) have
HBA - The health and beauty aid section in the grocery store
HDA - Hot Deal Alert or Home Delivered Ad
HT or HgT- Hang tags for refunds or coupons hanging on a product
HT - Harris Teeter
HTH - Hope this helps
IDSO - In desperate search of
IMO - in my opinion
IMHO - in my honest opinion
ISO - In search of
IVDSO - In very desperate search of
KLG - Kellogg's coupons or separate inserts
KRU - Kids-R-Us coupon
KWIM - know what I mean?
LED - long expiration date
LMK - let me know
LOL - Laugh out Loud
LTD - Limited, as on a refund form it will say you’re limited to a certain number of purchases
MFG - Manufacturer
MFR - Manufacturer
MHO - my honest opinion
MIR - Mail-in Refund or Rebate
Money + - Premiums that require money in addition to a proof of purchase
N/A - not applicable
NAZ - Name, address, zip code
NB - National Brand
NBQ - National Brand Qualifier
NED - No expiration date
Nfp - refund form found in a newspaper
NT WT - net weight
NWPN - no wine purchase necessary -in reference to winetag coupons
OAS - a coupon that is good on one purchase, any size
OP - Original post
OSI - On a single item
OYNSO - On Your Next Shopping Order
PLMK - please let me know
PM - sending a Private Message to another PYPer. (click on their user name to open message system)
POP - proof of purchase
Post - when you type a comment to add to PYP threads - you post it.
PP - purchase price
PPHF - Paypal handling fee
Printables - coupons you can print off the internet
PTS - points off of packages
PYP - Pinching Your Pennies website abbreviation
PYPers - all members of PYP
Q or Qualifier- The POP required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package
RAOK - Random act of kindness, give without asking for something in return
RP - Red Plum (was Valassis) coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SCR - single check rebate - offered by RiteAid and Walgreen's
SF - Store form
Siggy - signature line under user name
SMP - specially marked packages
SS - Smart Source coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers
Super doubles – coupons that are doubled $1 + in value (ie, a $1 coupon = $2, etc)
SWEEPS - sweepstakes form
T/L - tradelist, things you have for trade
Tear pad - A pad of refund forms found hanging from a store shelf or display
Thread - #1 post of a specific topic, other PYPers can post their comments.
TIA - Thanks in Advance
TMF - Try Me Free rebate offer
Triple coupon – a coupon that a grocery store triples in value
TRU - Toys-R-Us
TTYL - Talk to you later - used in the PYP Chat room
UPC - Universal Product Code
(W) want
W/C - With Coupon
W/L - wishlist, things you're looking for
WB - Welcome Back - used in the PYP Chat room
WD - Winn Dixie
Winetag - A winetag is a coupon found on the neck of a bottle of wine.
WPN - wine purchase necessary -in reference to winetag coupons
WSL - while supplies last
WYB - when you buy
V - Valassis (now RedPlum) coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (Success of offer is variable.

Trading Forum Lingo:

(ISO) = in search of this coupon
(IDNO) = in desperate need of this coupon
(N) = Need this coupon
(W) = Want this coupon
(H) = Have this coupon
RAOK = Random Act of Kindness - a gift, nothing asked for in return.
Feedback = if you want, post how the trade went, or say 'thank you'.

Talking About Family Members or Friends:
BFF - best friends forever
DH = Dear Husband ~ DS = Dear Son ~ DD = Dear Daughter ~ DW = Dear Wife
Gr-D or Gr-S = Grand-Daughter or Grand-Son
BIL = Brother Inlaw or SIL - MIL - FIL = other Inlaws, sister, father and mother
SO - Significant Other
GF or BF = Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
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Old 03-25-2009, 02:08 PM
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this is probably a really silly question and I am not sure if I am posting it in the right spot? BUT, what does it mean on this weeks Grocery Smarts list for Smith's when it says, "Rosarita Refried Beans, 15.5-16 oz. $1.00 Rosarita Refried Beans, any $1/3 (4-30-09) Smiths-3/22 slc .67 ea" Is it a Smith's coupon? Thanks....
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